MYTH: Spaying will make my pet fat.

FACT: Only too much food and not enough exercise leads to an overweight animal.

MYTH: Spaying and Neutering will hurt my animal.

FACT: The surgery is performed by licensed veterinarians. All the risks associated with pregnancy and births are eliminated.

MYTH: My pet should have one litter before spaying.

FACT: It is better for your pet NOT to have a litter or a heat period before being spayed.


Spay and Neuter has the following health and behavioral advantages:

-Eliminates sexual frustration and fighting

-Stops or reduces cats from spraying foul smelling urine in the house

-Eliminates the pacing and crying of female cats while in heat

-Reduces the risk of prostate problems and testicular tumors

-Decreases the possibility of mammary tumors

-Eliminates the common problem of uterine cancer

-Increases overall life expectancy