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SPAN (Spay/Neuter Animal Network) is one of the
you will ever encounter.
  • Totally Volunteer
  • No Salaries Paid
  • For the time period 7/1/12 to 6/30/13 we helped fix 442 dogs, 64 of which were pit bulls, and helped fix 1209 cats, 697 of which were ferals of which we paid in full.
  • Handles approximately 100 phone calls per week
  • Myths and Facts about Spay/Neuter

Our office and Thrift Shop at are located at:
110 A&B North Olive Street, Ventura, CA
Office/Thrift Shop Hours (year round): 10:00-4:30

We are CLOSED Sunday and Monday.

To donate by mail please send to:
110 N. OLIVE A & B

Spay/Neuter Animal Network

Serving Ventura County

The Office/Thrift Store Phone Number is: (805) 641-1170
For the quickest response, please call during normal business hours.

For routine questions, you may e-mail us at

Please note that we only serve Ventura County.

Our goal is to spay and neuter as many pets as possible per year.

From the Humane Society of the United States

About 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs-about one every 11 seconds-are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them.

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